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Erudition Informatics is a Digital Production Outsourcing Company. We offer Web, Mobile and Digital Marketing Solutions to start ups, small businesses and to those companies that prefer to either keep their in-house team small or, sub-contract any overflow work they cannot handle with their existing team.


Companies looking to outsource often make a costly mistake by hiring freelancers which is bit of a hit-and-miss, or working with large consultancies which often do not deliver enough value.

At Erudition Informatics, we engage dedicated small, smart teams for our clients who help them focus more on their business objectives rather than worry about technical stuff. For all intents and purposes we function as your extended team working from our development center in India.

Using our services, clients enjoy the cost benefits and flexibility of hiring through online portals such as Freelancers, PeopleperHour & UpWork, and quality, reliability and privacy of working with established consultancies.



“This team is highly qualified and have incredible level of professionalism. Will definitely rehire .”

Christian Josef

Schrattenthaler Austia

“This development Team is one of the most detail focused developers I have ever met. Very good and understands UX and UI as top priority.”

Joe Sylvester

Texas, USA

“Working with this development team has been a remarkable experience. Accomplished my project on time.”

Jesse Tuttle

Cincinnati, USA

“Did a good job on time … understanding and highly professional. Highly recommended.”

Mohammed Fathy


Hiring a Freelancer Vs an Agency Developer — Which is Better?

Directly hiring freelance developers is a cost-effective option when compared to hiring in-house talent. However, the characteristics of freelancers make them hard to manage and vet properly, and they present unique and costly problems where scaling is concerned.

Hiring a developer from an agency helps mitigate these risks. Agencies provide proper management and support, and they come equipped ready to scale.

For example, at Erudition Informatics, if one of our developers is sick or has to take some time off, we can easily refill their spot on the client’s project. This way, there’s no interruption on the work being done, the client hits all their deadlines, and they don’t have to waste time looking for another employee. If the project needs to scale up or down, it’s also easy to remove or bring on additional employees. This benefit is unique to agencies.

Agencies also make it easy to vet and manage employees. At Erudition Informatics, all the employees have at least three years of work experience and are supervised by qualified managers. In the name of security and transparency, we also sign NDAs and share detailed work timesheets. If you hire freelancers directly off of a job board, you don’t always get these benefits.

Even though you may be able to save on costs by using a freelancer, a much better option is to take advantage of the security, managed workers, scaling capabilities and resource allocation that an agency affords you.

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